Ideal Weight Calculator


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Ideal Weight Calculator

The ideal body weight of an individual based on several factors including heigh, weight ,age , body composition and other activity levels, and it can be also vary accordings of these factors. One method is commonly used to calculate ideal body weight according to your body weight, height and gender.

How to calculate BMI



For Example a person’s weight is 55 and  its height is 1.56m than its bmi can be calculated as:

                      BMI=55(kg)/ 1.56(m)2


The results provides a general indication of the individual’s body weight status. but bmi has limitations it does not identify difference between muscles and fat That is the reason it is used as screening tool rather than definitive measure of health.

It is  important to know that bmi is just a tool to calculate bmi or it is a screening tool .Its does not measure body fat directly or it not be accurate for certain peoples like athletes they have high muscular mass .And there Are some other factors that can influence it like gender and age.It can highly recommended to consult to a healthcare professional for comprehensive assessment of individual health.

What are different catagories of BMI?

  World health organization provides us different general  categories    of BMI.       

BMI Range Catagory
below 18.5 Underweight
18.5 to 24.9 Normal weight
25 to29.9 Overweight
30 or greater Obesty

Is there any limitation of using BMI?

yes, It does not differentiate between fat and muscles. And it may not be accurate for athlete and thoes individuals who have high muscles.

What is healthy range of BMI?

Healthy range of BMI is between 18.5 to 24.5 these ranges may consider healthy range of BMI.

Can BMI use for Childern?

BMI is calculated in the same manner like adults but interpretation is age and  gender between kids.

Can BMI is used during pragnency?

BMI is not good indecator during pragnancy because weight gain is a natural part of this process.Usually healthcare examin weight gain and overeall health during prenatal care.