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BAI Calculator or Body Adiposity Index

Body Adiposity Index abbeivated as BAI ,and this method is used as body fat percentage based on individula's hip circumference and height. It is alternative of BMI which uses for height and weight.

Calculate BAI

Measurement of Hip Circumference:

Measure your hip circumferrnce at the widest area of your hip in cms or inches.

Measurement og Height:

Measurement of height in inches or meters.


       BAI= (Hip Circunference in cm) / (Height in meters) ^1.5 - 18.

Step by Step Guidence

Measure Hip Circumference:

Circumference of hip is 100cm.

Measure Height:

Height id 1.75 meters.

Apply Formula:

                      BAI= (100) / (1.75^1.5) - 18.

  Calculate Exponent:

     1.75 raised the power of 1.5 now it is approximatly 2.91

Now divide the hip circumference by the exponent.

                               BAI=100 / 2.91 ≈ 34.36

                                BAI=34.36 - 18 = 16.36

So the BAI of a body is approximatly 16.36

But remembers that BAI is just an estimate of body fat but this is not as accurate as other methods like x-rays and hydrostatic weighting.Always consult with a health professinal before taking any step.