Adjusted Body Weight Calculator


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Adjusted Body Weight Calculator

A precise tool used to optimize your health.Unlock your optimal health by checking your health value and find your ideal weight for balanced and healthy life.

This calculate is mostly used in medical term to know health conditions as a person is under weight ,obese and physically balanced.In the case of medical condition this calculator or Adjusted body weight formula is used to identify that a person is in the context of taking drugs or not.


                   Adjusted body Weight(AWB)=IBW +0.4 * (TBW _ IBW).


  • IBW: Ideal body weight.

  • TBW: Total body weight.


  • For Men: IBW= 50 + 2.3 X (Height in Inches - 60).

  • For Women= 45.5 + 2.3 X (Height in inches - 60).

Note: These formula is based on devine Formula.

Calculate the Ideal Body Weight by using this formula.

  1. For a 5.8" (68 inches) tall men, The IBW would be 50+ 2.3 X (68 - 60) = 50 +18.4 =68.4 kg.

If the individual Weight is 80 kg than.

ABW=68.4 + 0.4 X (80 - 68.4) =68.4 + 4.64 =73.04.

The ABW will be 73.04 .


In severe mrdical condition you should consult to your Health Professional.


What is adjusted body weight(ABW)?

ABW  is adjusted body weight that is commonly used in medical context to examine patient body weight while considering some factor like obesty or extreme thin body in such cases ABW is calculated.Most commonly drugs adict persons lose their weight in such type of cases health professionals recommend ABW to see their result or to note down difference between before treatment and after treatment results.

How ABW can be calculated?

  • For Men: IBW= 50 + 2.3 X (Height in Inches - 60).

  • For Women= 45.5 + 2.3 X (Height in inches - 60).

Why is AWB importent in medicine field?

ABW most commonly used in Drug dosage, in some situations where the patient  weight is not representetive due to distribution of drugs within the body , such as obese and underweight individuals.